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Dear Leigh


What a surprise it was last night to have the cookies in front of our door. Just in time for Thanksgiving. I could not resist of course and have already tasted. Heavenly ☺☺ Thanks so much, your cookies always brighten my days.


All the best to you and your family, stay healthy and happy. Best regards,


Francesca - November 2020

I love your Egg Custard Tarts!!!

Dannie - December 2020

We LOVE your Kougin Amann!!!!  We need to place an order to Christmas eve.

Lisa - December 2020

Hello Leigh,


I met you at the Hagerstown Christmas market and purchased some of your Lebkuchen cookies. I was visiting my sister for Thanksgiving and am originally from , Germany living in Denver I know you have a trip coming up to visit Germany but was wondering if I could make an order. Your cookies taste just likes the ones from Germany and would love to have some more for the holidays. You are so talented and am glad to have found you to get a piece of German flavor to my holidays. I am definitely wanting some Lebkuchen and also some Vanilla Kipferl.  


Thank you!

Nadine N - December 2019


Dear Leigh,


Now that things have calmed down after Christmas and New Year’s, I have a chance to tell you how much I enjoyed your Lebkuchen and Vanillekipferl. Enjoyed isn’t even a strong enough word! I’m from Germany and always miss the wonderful Lebkuchen and cookies at Christmastime. I have tried many Lebkuchen (and occasionally make them myself), but yours are hands-down the best I’ve ever had! Thank you for bringing back sweet memories and making my taste buds dance! 


See you next Christmas season, happy new year!


Barbara A - January 2020

Hi Leigh,

Your Kougin Amann is OMG amazing!  So very good!  

Alicia C - December 2019

Hi Leigh


Coming from a pastry background, I can recognize great texture as well as flavor balance. Leigh you have managed to execute flawlessly on both fronts while ensuring that everything you bake looks as good as it tastes. I’m always impressed by your commitment to testing your recipes until you know that the items is as good as it gets.


Angela K. - June 2019

Hello!  We bought some of your Lebkuchen at the Augustoberfest and they were incredible.  We are going to a family event on Dec 22 and wanted to bring some as gifts for 6 people. 

Liam C - August 2019

Dear Leigh

I just finished the last of your pfefferneuse that we purchased at the market on Friday and I must have more!

Enjoy" does not begin to describe it.

Yesterday we had not eaten breakfast when I picked them up so we came home and made a fresh pot of coffee from our new bean grinder coffee pot (sort of like those European individual cup grinder pots) and ate two of each type. YUM!YUM!YUM! Nothing like delicious food on an empty stomach.

Yes, I definitely want to be on your mailing list. I would love to see the German School festival.

Courtney - December 2018

Dear Leigh,


I wanted to send you a belated note of thanks for baking the most amazing German cookies. I am so glad I found you and your cookies during the holiday season two years. When I brought them home for the first time to my German husband, they disappeared immediately. He thought they came from Germany and commented that they taste exactly like homemade ones from the Christmas markets he used to enjoy while growing up. He could taste the high quality ingredients you use and the care you put into making the cookies. You really know how to make perfect German cookies and we can’t wait to put in an order to give to friends and family, as well as for ourselves. Thank you for being such a talented baker!


Please do let me know which markets you will be at this year!


Thank you,


Tu - December 2018

Hello Leigh,


I would love to reserve some Vanillekipferl, they were delicious! I think you should be given German citizenship for those…. ;-) If you don’t mind sharing some other locations that you will sell in December.  Great to hear from you. 


Petra -  December 2018


Your Eclairs are the BOMB!!  Please, please make them every year for my birthday?

Margaret Anne - July 2018

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